Doukhobor Singing

Singing, A Mainstay of Doukhobor Culture. "Possibly the most striking characteristics of Doukhobor singing is its high degree of harmonic sophistication. One might expect this high level of accomplishment from musically trained performers, but to find it existing purely within the confines of oral tradition is most extraordinary. The more I listened and looked, the more I became convinced of the genuineness of the Doukhobor 'musical gestalt' - group singing of surprising complexity sustained without the crutch of written arrangements, instrumental accompaniment, or a choral director. This indeed in the Doukhobor philosophy of life extended to the realm of music. (Twenty Ethnic Songs from Western Canada, by Kenneth Peacock. Kenneth Peacock also authored, Songs of the Doukhobors).

Amidst the "future shock" of rapidly changing times and rampant technological advances, Doukhobor young people strive to maintain a balanced perspective, reflective both of their traditional values and the realities around them. More than any other aspect of their culture, the traditional mode of singing continues to be a universally-appreciated mainstay of their cultural activity.

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Doukhobor Song Library - "Dedicated to the preservation of Doukhobor singing"
The Doukhobor Song Library is a work in progress. It is not simply an archive of older Doukhobor numbers but includes new recordings as well. This site was created through generous donations, and relies on donations for continued maintenance. If you wish to support this project please send your donations to:

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Russian Doukhobors - 8-part video presentation by Serafima Nikitina.

*Духовное Пение Русских Старо ..* Серафима Евгеньевна Никитина - лингвист, филолог, фольклорист, лектор, экспедиционер, певица - представяет пение русских старообрядцев, сектантов: пятидесятников, молокан, духобор, других.

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