Heritage Club Update

by Adam, Matthew and Tammy Jacobs

Another successful Heritage Club season is complete.  Since our last report we’ve had three more sessions.  This year our numbers at each session have increased.  For one of our sessions we had 21 kids (ages 5-15). Thanks to Rob Ogloff from Sun Life Financial for sponsoring our sessions. 

In early March we spent a fun afternoon skating together at the arena. After skating the kids were treated to homemade cookies and rice krispie squares.  It was nice to be out in the community and that seems to be the point where there was an awareness of and interest in our group.

In April we met at the USCC Community Centre to make lapsha and origami doves (to decorate the stage for the Grand Forks portion of the 70th Annual Union of Youth Festival).  After enjoying a meal of lapsha, veggies and dessert each child took home a bag of lapsha to share with family.

In June we met at the Boundary Museum (Fructova) to make bread in the outdoor brick oven.  Thanks to the planning and prep by the amazing Doreen the kiddos were able to form their own loaf of bread and put it in the bread pan.  While the bread was rising we divided up into teams of boys versus girls and began to make butter…the race was on!  In the end, both groups finished at virtually the same time and each group reported that their butter was the best.  Once the bread was ready we ate bread, our butter and homemade jam (donated by Beth) and the most delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies fresh from the outdoor oven (thanks Larry J.).

None of our sessions could have happened without our marvelous volunteers…anytime we’ve approached anyone for anything the response has always been “It’s for the kids…sure!”  Thank you to each and every one of our spectacular volunteers…you made Heritage Club the success it was!  It was always heartwarming to watch the kiddos leaving with their completed project in hand and a proud smile on their face!